Livraria Lello Foundation is a cultural entity devoted to promoting critical thinking, facilitating access to knowledge, and empowering relationships between communities and heritage. Drawing inspiration from the literary legacy of Livraria Lello, the Foundation aspires to forge a contemporary legacy, advocating for reading as a transformative tool. With the bold mission of "empowering people to read the world," the Foundation seeks to inspire actions that nurture prosperity, contributing to a more inclusive and culturally rich society.


1st time

In decades, intellectual capacity has diminished.


of OECD 15-year-old students still struggle to interpret a text.
PISA 2022


of young people don’t believe in the role of culture in solving problems. Barómetro da Cultura 2023
Barómetro da Cultura 2023

N1. Global Risk

Over the short term, in a 2-year period, are misinformation and disinformation
Global Risks Report 2024


"Italo Calvino taught us long ago that the stones of an arch, only when together and placed in a specific way, in a specific order, form an arch. In this way, they become something new. Otherwise, they would always be just stones. This is also the metaphor that best describes us as a Family and that best unites us as Humanity. The Livraria Lello Foundation is merely a craftsman elevating each of us from a simple stone to an irreplaceable part of an arch with infinite value."

Pedro Pinto 
Patron of the Livraria Lello Foundation



Empowering to Read the World!

Driven by the belief that reading extends beyond the pages of books; it is a journey of discovery, learning, and transformation, the Foundation advocates for the democratization of access to books and their messages, deconstructing narratives. By breathing life into the pages of the past, inspiring the pursuit of knowledge, and empowering communities, we contribute to a world where each person can 'read' in a unique and transformative way. Our mission is to empower, inspire, and engage, awakening the desire to 'read the world' in everyone, contributing to a more just and culturally rich society.

Álvaro Siza's pieces from Venice Architeture Bienal at the Monastery of Leça do Balio


Promoting Human Prosperity

Our vision is to build a world where every person, regardless of their origins, circumstances, or limitations, has the ability to 'read the world' with bright eyes, open hearts, and curious minds.
We envision a future where reading not only enriches the intellect but also inspires action, strengthening social cohesion and contributing to the construction of a society that is more educated, inclusive, culturally rich, and with a better quality of life.
We aim to cultivate a world where stories unite us in a vast network of shared experiences, inspiring us to care for the planet, pursue our dreams, and support each other.
Reding of 1984 book


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