Privacy Policy

Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo ensures respect for the privacy of visitors to this website ("User" or "Users"). Visiting this website alone does not automatically imply the registration of any personal data that identifies the User. However, the use of certain content may involve the provision of personal data by Users.

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection and processing of personal data provided by Users, as well as the exercise of their rights regarding this data, in accordance with the current General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Collection and Processing
Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo is the entity responsible for the collection and processing of Users' personal data.

The collected personal data will be processed and stored electronically by Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo or by entities subcontracted by it. The collected personal data are necessary for the provision of services and/or supply of products and will be kept to allow identification only for the period necessary for the purposes of collection or subsequent processing, after which they will be deleted.

Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo assumes that the collected data have been provided by the respective owner and that their provision has been made voluntarily by the same, being true and accurate.

Right of Access
In accordance with the law, the User is guaranteed the right of access, rectification, updating, limitation, and erasure of their personal data, as well as the right to object to their processing, by sending a written request to the following address: Mosteiro de Leça do Balio, Rua do Mosteiro s/n 4465-703, Leça do Balio.

Data Communication
Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo will not communicate any personal data to third parties, except if it has obtained explicit consent from Users or when: (i) the transmission is made within the scope of fulfilling a legal obligation, a decision of the National Data Protection Commission, or to comply with a court order, and (ii) the communication is carried out for any legitimate purpose provided by law.

Security Measures
Lionesa Associação de Arte, Cultura e Turismo makes its best efforts to protect Users' personal data against unauthorized access through the Internet. To this end, it uses security systems, rules, and other procedures to ensure the protection of Users' personal data and to prevent unauthorized access to data, their improper use, disclosure, loss, or destruction.

However, it is the User's responsibility to ensure that the equipment they are using is adequately protected against harmful software, computer viruses, worms, and/or malware. Additionally, the User should be aware that, without the adoption of appropriate security measures (for example, secure configuration of the browsing program, up-to-date antivirus software, security barrier software, and not using suspicious origin software), the risk of personal data and passwords being accessed by third parties without authorization is increased.

However, please note that whenever data collection is carried out on open networks, such as the Internet, your data may circulate without security conditions, with the risk of being viewed and used by unauthorized third parties.