Loan of Art Peaces Regulation

General Conditions

1. Fundação Livraria Lello may loan documents and/or pieces from its archival and heritage collection for exhibitions, provided that their conservation status allows it; that guarantees are given of full compliance with the conditions set out in this Regulation; and that the initiative is considered of interest by the Livraria Lello Foundation.

2. Loan requests must be made at least six months before the opening date of the exhibition and must be sent to Fundação Livraria Lello by the entity organizing the exhibition, with the following elements:
a) Identification of the exhibition, opening and closing dates, and exact location.
b) Identification of the requesting entity.
c) Identification of the requested parts.
d) Information regarding the loan dates and transport conditions of the pieces (including the departure date and return date, with the return date not exceeding a maximum period of two weeks after the end of the exhibition; information on packaging of the parts, which must include boxes or suitcases with anti-shock protection, inert materials that allow the control of humidity and temperature inside, as well as an anti-theft security system);
e) Information relating to the exhibition (including curatorial and/or monitoring team; associated cultural programming; and opening event);
f) Information regarding the space that will host the exhibition (including total area; photographs of the exterior and interior of the exhibition areas; plan indicating the exhibition spaces and location of protection systems against intrusion and theft, and fire protection);
g) Information regarding the presentation of the pieces requested for exhibition (including indication whether entry is paid or free; and whether the pieces will be subject to direct contact by visitors; include details about the curatorship and other artists on display);
h) Information regarding contracted insurance (including identification of the company responsible for insuring the collection; identification of the insurance policy, which must include coverage for pieces in transit, including periods of transport, loading, and unloading). The assembly and return of the pieces will be carried out at the location indicated by Fundação Livraria Lello, upon presentation of the insurance policy and signature of the delivery/receipt of documents and loaned pieces.

3. Fundação Livraria Lello will check the exhibition conditions in advance, at the time of assembly and during the event, and, if they do not meet the requirements, it reserves the right to suspend the loan of works. Any change in conditions must be communicated immediately and cannot be carried out without the prior consent of the Foundation, with this institution reserving the right to cancel the exhibition of its pieces.

4. The reproduction and dissemination of images of pieces loaned for exhibitions are subject to express authorization from the Foundation. The image of Fundação Livraria Lello must appear, in terms to be defined, in the exhibition catalogs and in other informational or promotional pieces.

5. Three copies of the exhibition catalog must be sent to Fundação Livraria Lello, as well as photographs of the exhibition as soon as the exhibition opens.  Photographs that may be used in Livraria Lello's informational or promotional initiatives.

6. Within a maximum period of two weeks after the closing of the exhibition, the requesting entity must also send a final report to Fundação Livraria Lello with the balance of the exhibition, including number of visitors, institutional highlights, and other relevant data.

7. The requesting entity must bear all costs associated with the loan process (packaging, assembly and transport of the pieces, insurance, and, if applicable, the travel and stay of couriers from Fundação Livraria Lello to the exhibition).