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Livraria Lello Foundation announces the acquisition of Domingos Sequeira's painting, "Descida da Cruz". This fundamental piece from the 19th century, now back in Portugal, marks a historic moment in the preservation of Portuguese cultural heritage, highlighting the importance of private entities in this effort.

The acquisition formalized on March 10th, within the scope of TEFAF in Maastricht, by Pedro Pinto family, reflects the ongoing mission of the Livraria Lello Foundation to promote knowledge through art and culture, inspiring a more inclusive society.

“Art connects, educates and inspires. We are committed to empower the society through culture. This is another step in cultural democracy, which inspires a new generation to read and understand the world around them.”, says Rita Marques, President of Fundação Livraria Lello.

"Descida da Cruz", an artwork recognized worldwide for its historical and artistic relevance, arrived in Portugal on March 18th and will be publicly exhibited, in the National Museum, with adequate security and conservation conditions. The guidelines for cooperation between parts within the scope of the future public exhibition, and study, of the work, were established in an agreement, celebrated on the day, between the Livraria Lello Foundation and Museus e Monumentos de Portugal, E.P.E. 

The Foundation highlights, however, a double mission, to have the work available to the public in national museums, but also through exhibitions in unusual locations, extending the invitation to a wider public, both national and international. “We firmly believe in the transformative impact of culture on society, promoting critical thinking and contributing to collective well-being.”

For now "Descida da Cruz" will be available for viewing, on May 18th, at the Monastery of Leça do Balio, headquarters of the Livraria Lello Foundation, to celebrate International Museum Day.

"'Descida da Cruz' is more than a masterpiece; it is a symbol of our heritage and identity. Bringing this work back to Portugal and making it available to the public is a privilege and a responsibility that we assume with great honor", concludes Rita Marques.

The announcement took place at the Ajuda National Palace, on the 20th and was attended by the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva, and the President of Museus e Monumentos de Portugal, E.P.E., Pedro Sobrado.

The Livraria Lello Foundation is a cultural entity dedicated to promoting critical thinking, access to knowledge and empowering relationships between communities and heritage. Inspired by the literary heritage of Livraria Lello, the Foundation aims to create contemporary heritage, encouraging reading as a transformative tool. With the audacious mission of “empowering people to read the world”, the Foundation seeks to inspire actions that bring prosperity, contributing to a more inclusive and culturally rich society.

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